6-in-1 Vision Experience: Sunway Pyramid

The second edition of our 6-in-1 Vision Experience was a remarkable success, with nearly 1,000 individuals participating in walk-in and pre-booked screenings, generating a significant influx of visitors at Sunway Pyramid. This event also emphasized the critical need to raise awareness about eye health among the public. From March 7th to 12th, 2023, we hosted this event, focusing on enhancing awareness within the urban community in the vicinity.

An exciting highlight of this event was the introduction of our “Little Optometrist” program, which saw more than 600 enthusiastic participants. This unique program provided children with the opportunity to engage in role-playing as optometrists and eye care practitioners, potentially opening up a new and unconventional career path. We believe that this initiative created an invaluable edutainment experience for both children and parents, aiming to instil awareness of eye health from a young age and shape the future of vision care.

The event took place at Johor Bahru City Square for a week and represents our ongoing commitment to providing accessible and high-quality eye care services to Malaysians nationwide. Simultaneously, it served as a fun and educational activity for children to learn about eye health and engage in simple vision problem diagnosis through the “Little Optometrist” program.

This event reinforced the realization that awareness of eye health is still relatively low but undeniably essential in our community. At MOG, we remain committed to advancing this cause and promoting greater awareness of eye health in the future.

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