Project Thank You - We at MOG Eyewear Group would like to say a million thanks to the front-liners.

“Thank you to our dedicated front-liners, medical staffs and police officers, you are our heroes!”

18th March 2021 officially marks our one-year battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. The journey has not ended, but we would not be having this safe & controlled environment without the contributions and sacrifices of our front-liners. In conjunction with this important date, MOG Eyewear Group is proud and thankful to have the opportunity in delivering our Project Thank You, reaching out to Hospital and Police Station in Kajang.

“Wearing masks has become a norm and our major form of protection, but is this enough? As we’re in the optical line, we want to stress the importance of also protecting our eyes and here we are, to fill the missing piece for our dedicated front-liners. We hope that while they protect us, MOG can play our part in protecting them in return by shielding their eyes while they’re at work,” said Ms Yan Kee, Head of Sales and Marketing of MOG Eyewear Group.

Seeing the front-liners giving their all for the people and the nation while risking their safety and sacrificing family time, she proposed to deliver this Project Thank You, to show appreciation and provide protection to our heroes.

Dato’ Henry Ng, one of MOG’s founders and key personnel of the MOG Group have made a trip to Hospital Kajang and Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kajang to deliver Polo Exchange Multi-Functional Protective Glasses to the front-liners.

This Polo Exchange Multi-Functional Protective Glasses protects the wearer from harmful UV lights, and most important, it also acts as another layer of respiratory droplet protection. Without compromising the comfort, this protective glasses is lightweight, anti-fog and shockproof, promising durability for extended wear. As it is designed to be in a fit-over style, it’s convenient to be worn over existing glasses / sunglasses too, best for those who need to wear them while on duty.

Group photo at Hospital Kajang
A group picture with the team wearing the Protective Glasses led by Founder of MOG, Dato' Henry Ng (front-second left) and Timbalan Pengarah Perubatan 1 Hospital Kajang, Dr Mardiah binti Masharuddin (front-middle)
Group photo in Police Station Kajang
Front-second left: ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan, Chief Police IPD Kajang and Founder of MOG, Dato' Henry, during the handover session of Polo Exchange Multi-Functional Protective Glasses for the police officers

The founders of MOG Eyewear Group, Dato’ Frankie Ng, Dato’ Henry Ng, and Datin Bernice Low are born and raised in Kajang. Thus, giving back to the community here has always been a goal held close to heart.

“Thank you to our dedicated medical staffs and police officers, you are our heroes! We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices they made in order to keep us safe. With Project Thank You by MOG, we hope our front-liners feel the warmth and love from us,” said Dato’ Henry Ng.  

“Eye health is essential; we do not have another pair of eyes as backup. While you dedicate yourself day & night to provide the nation a safer environment, let us at MOG extend our professional eye care service to you. Your eye health is our priority, together, let’s see the world better” said Dato’ Frankie Ng. With compliments from MOG Eyewear, we encourage all front-liners to schedule an eye test at least once a year at any MOG Group’s outlet to ensure your eyes are always in optimum condition.

From left: Dato' Henry receives the Letter of Appreciation from Hospital Kajang, handed by Dr Mardiah binti Masharuddin
From left: ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan, Dato' Henry and Mr Ben Lee (General Manager, Business Growth & Development of MOG)

To extend our appreciation nationwide, all front-liners – medical staffs and police officers are entitled to receive a free bottle of lens cleaner and MOG’s mask holder with any purchase, until 31st March 2021.

“With this initiative by MOG Eyewear Group, we urge everyone to help each other during this difficult time; spread love not virus,” said Mr Ben Lee, General Manager – Business Growth & Development of MOG. Moving forward, MOG Eyewear has also planned a series of campaigns and projects in giving back to the community. Stay tuned on MOG Eyewear Facebook and Instagram. We welcome collaborations and partnerships.

Let’s fight together and looking forward to the day when we successfully win in this battle. Stay safe and see you soon in person.

For collaborations and more information, please email to careline@mog.com.my.