OOPPA Face-Frame Fitting Guideline

Welcome to the next level of eyewear expertise!

Our face-frame fitting guideline is designed to streamline the process, ensuring that every customer receives personalised attention and finds the perfect pair of glasses. Let's dive into the step-by-step process:

STEP 1: Lifestyle Consultation

Before diving into the technical aspects, connect with the customer on a personal level.
Ask questions based on aspects below to understand their preference: 




4.Favourite Tones

5.Preferred Style

6.Skin Tone Test (Vein/Hair/Jewellery)

Step 1: Style Exploration

STEP 2: Face Shape Measurement

Measure the customer’s face and the Face shape calculator will help to identify the face shape

  • Measure Face Length: measured from the start of hairline to the tip of the chin
  • Measure Forehead: at its widest point, usually halfway between hairline and eyebrows 
  • Measure Cheekbones: the distance between the outer corners of the eyes 
  • Measure Jawline: measured from the chin to the outer edge of the ear
Face Shape Calculator

STEP 3: Precise Eye Examination

Dive deeper into the customer’s eye health and vision needs. Perform a comprehensive eye examination, utilizing tools such as:

  • Lens Meter
  • Auto-Refractor
  • Slit Lamp/Fundus (if available)
  • Howell/Colour/3D Test
  • Subjective Refraction

By understanding their eye health history and current vision status, we can make informed recommendations for both frames and lenses.

Step 3: Precise Eye Examination
describe the condition of the cornea

STEP 4: Tailored Lens Recommendation

Based on the customer’s style preferences and vision needs, recommend tailored lens solutions, including:

  • Type of Lens (e.g., single vision, progressive)
  • Type of Coating (e.g., anti-reflective, blue light filtering)
  • Type of Index (e.g., high index for thinner lenses)

STEP 5: Eyewear Fitting

Recommend customers on special curation of the top 5 best-fit eyewear options based on the face-frame matching results and vision needs.

Perform digitalised eyewear fitting if digital centration tools like eye ruler is available in-store

STEP 6: Extended After Care

Our service doesn’t end at the point of sale. Demonstrate our dedication to customer satisfaction through:

  • Timely Follow-Up/Appointment Reminders every 3/6/12 months
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Exclusive Offers and Rewards to show appreciation for their loyalty

Good job! You have successfully completed all the steps, empowering our customers with personalised eyewear solutions tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

By implementing these face-frame fitting guidelines, we can deliver unparalleled service and ensure that every customer leaves our store with confidence, style, and crystal-clear vision.

Together, let’s elevate the eyewear experience to new heights!