MOG x Sunlife Partner for Extended Roadshow Promoting Vision Health

AEON Mall Tebrau City Event Sets Stage for Series Across Multiple States

14th May 2024 – From May to August 2024, MOG proudly joins forces with Sunlife for an extensive roadshow tour spanning multiple states. The inaugural event, held at AEON Mall Tebrau City in Johor Bahru from 14th May to 19th May 2024, marked the beginning of a journey dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of eye health.

Through interactive screenings and expert consultations, MOG is committed to empowering individuals to take proactive steps toward preserving their vision. Attendees of the ongoing roadshow have the opportunity to engage with MOG’s comprehensive services and gain valuable insights into their eye health.

As a gesture of appreciation for their participation, MOG is generously distributing 6-in-1 Vision Experience packages along with RM50 Lens Vouchers, encouraging individuals to prioritize their eye health and explore the range of services available at MOG outlets.

Customer received 6-in-1 Vision Experience packages along with RM50 Lens Vouchers

The response to MOG’s presence at the AEON Mall Tebrau City event has been overwhelmingly positive, with a total of 472 participants flocking to the MOG booth over the course of the event. This promising start sets the stage for a series of impactful roadshow events to come.

A Family attending MOG x Sunlife Roadshow

MOG’s participation in the Sunlife roadshow exemplifies the organization’s commitment to extending its reach and impact beyond traditional healthcare settings. By engaging with the community in dynamic environments like AEON Mall Tebrau City, MOG aims to make eye health awareness accessible and engaging for individuals from all walks of life.

For those who may have missed the roadshow, MOG remains dedicated to providing top-tier eye care services at their outlets. Stay tuned for future events and initiatives as MOG continues to lead the charge in promoting proactive vision care.

Please visit here for more information about MOG’s services and upcoming events.

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