Medicsoft aims to become world’s best clear, cosmetic and astigmatic lens in its industry by producing high-quality products. Through continuous innovation, Medicsoft secured an advanced technology that enables to cope with the fast changing market trend to satisfy any customer need in the lens industry.
Medicsoft establishes an R&D to suit up in the lens industry as contact lenses technology are getting more sophisticated. Over the years, Medicsoft R&D insisted on gaining advantages over adversary to attainment the competitiveness of technological/quality/price.
Within our development, we:
•    Survey, collect and analyze advanced        
•    Design programs for lens shape and
      balance reflect product improvement          
      ideas (receiving and analyze improvements
      for  production process by a system)
•    Reflect demand for lenses (design diagrams)
•    Make pilot products (clinical test)
•    Carry out performance tests, measurements,
     and another test. 
Medicsoft adopts the cast molding product line as it handles all of the lens production from lens shaping to drying for a uniform quality production. Each production line excels in quality control to improve the product quality significantly.
The adoption of Chemical Insert Pigment (CIP) by engineering is entirely different from any conventional production. Through CIP, color pigment dried instantly as it was inserted in the midst of the lens polymerisation process. As a result, Medicsoft delivers an accurate color design in colour cosmetic lenses.
Features of PLASMA
PLASMA repels pollutant and improves moisture properties during oxygen Ionisation process.

All of the Medicsoft products are strictly inspected as to meet the international standards before being placed on the market.

The medical pigment used in this product has been approved by FDA and manufactured under the regulations of KFDA. Also, Medicsoft unique manufacturing method prevents surface protrusion, as the color does not run or breach. As for that, it also presents comfort to the user due to its softness; preventing center movement and eye dryness
3 Curves
Medicsoft embraced the 3-CURVE manufacturing system from the R&D laboratory. It assists tears to linger around and into the eyes fluently to provide consistent comfort. Medicsoft highly expresses natural colors to fulfill customers of who pursue natural eyes rather than just being flashy.