Making Eye care Your Priority With Us

On the 2nd of November 2022, we were given the opportunity by Johnson & Johnson to hold an Eye Health Screening programme and branded eyewear showcase at CEVA Logistics in conjunction with our Caring Beyond Vision which advocates for better vision awareness and education to always remember to love your eyes more.

These days, Computer Vision Syndrome or in short “CVS” are more prevalent due to increasing usage of digital devices in the workforce and it is claimed that over 50 – 90% people who work using computers will suffer from this symptom. Through our corporate  initiative at CEVA, we found out that most of their employees have noticeable CVS symptoms such as eye strains and dry eyes and a minority that have a possible case of presbyopia – near vision issue in their mid 30s and there were also cases of low awareness of myopic education among the employees.

The Eye Health Screening covered an integral part of our 6-in-1 Vision Experience which included the screening of corneal and retinal health as the first touch-point for CEVA’s employees to experience our professional eye care service. As an additional token, we have distributed vouchers for them to complete the full experience at their nearest MOG outlets.

Through such corporate event initiatives, we hope that it will further amplify eye health awareness and education to all. Last  but not least, thank you to all parties that were involved in making this event a successful one. 

“To a better vision in the future and in Eye Health, We Care More.”