iCare4U – Helping the Elderly See Better:

Eye Health Care for the Older Generation Never Forgotten

In Eye Care, We Care More has always been ingrained within MOG’s roots to better serve our community with our professionalism. With this in mind, we have taken the initiative to give back to the elderlies of the B40 group with the aid of Great Heart Charity Association. On the 25th of March 2022, MOG’s representatives together with our supportive partner, ZEISS have headed to The Great Heart Community Centre at Klang to provide Eye Health Sharing by ZEISS and complimentary Eye Health Assessment by MOG’s certified optometrist to further educate the elderlies in need and share our care for their eye health and advise on their vision needs, especially important in their ageing years where sight is a blessing.

Mr. Janson (ZEISS professional representative) sharing the human eye anatomy with the elderlies.
Elderlies of the Great Heart Community Centre paying attention to better understand how to care for their eyes.

Through this initiative, we have provided not only eye power screening but also more advanced eye health screening of the eyes’ corneal and retinal health where we assess symptoms of Glaucoma, Cataract, Diabetes Retinopathy and Age-Macular Degeneration which are especially prevalent in the elderly years. Close to 40 elderly were guided through the three stations of assessment to better understand their eye condition. Andrew Lim, Partnership Department Leader of Great Heart, mentioned that the majority of these elderly were mainly living alone and had no one else to take care of them. We’re glad to be entrusted as the preferred eye care provider to take up this responsibility to care for their vision needs by their side.

Retinal assessment to screen for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and AMD with fundus camera by ZEISS's optometrist (Ms. Shana).
Corneal assessment to screen for cataract by MOG's optometrist (Ms. Yoyo) with digital slit lamp.

In order to provide these elderly with a holistic experience, the journey wrapped up with the presentation of an extended care voucher to all elderly in need where they can enjoy a comprehensive eye examination and a complimentary pair of eyewear to enhance their vision for a better and more comfortable living.

Many thanks to Great Heart Charity Association for entrusting MOG as the eyecare provider for the elderlies in need.
Team members of the iCare4U initiative consisting (left to right) Ms. Yoyo (MOG's optometrist), Mr. Chua (MOG's senior optician), Ms. Cammi (Brand manager), Ms. Shana (ZEISS' optometrist), Mr. Andrew (Partnership department leader of Great Heart), Ms. Tricia (MOG's digital marketing coordinator), and Mr Janson (ZEISS' professional representative).

MOG’s iCare4U initiative will continue to reach out to more people in need, providing proper Eye Health Education and also Eye Health Care to prevent possible vision complications, protect the community’s eyes, and enhance the public’s vision needs as the trusted eye care provider in Malaysia. 

“Together, we can Help The World See Better. In Eye Care, We Care More.”