iCare4U – Providing Eye Health Care for the
Elderly at Rumah Victory

Eye Health Care is normally taken lightly until it is too late. MOG has always believed in providing the best quality and assurance in eyewear and eye care services to our community. In light of this on the 28th of March 2022, we decided to take a visit to Rumah Victory to provide the residing elderlies extensive Eye Health Assessment which includes screening for symptoms of Glaucoma, Cataract, Diabetes Retinopathy and Age-Macular Degeneration. We had our supportive partner, ZEISS with the assistance of the staff at Rumah Victory in providing these assessments to the elderlies.

An elderly uncle rest his chin on digital slit lamp to get his eye cornea assessed.
Rumah Victory Elderly Home, established since 2005 in Puchong, Selangor to home elderies in need.

The risk gets higher especially for those above the age of 60, and through this initiative, we helped the community realise how much could have been prevented with early Eye Health Assessment. The most common conditions found in these elderlies were Cataract and Glaucoma. Through this screening, we were able to better understand their conditions and help provide them with proper advice on how to take care and maintain their eye’s condition with the help of Rumah Victory’s superintendent, Loo Choon Teong’s supervision as some of these elderly were in need of more care.  

Retinal assessment to screen for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and AMD with fundus camera by ZEISS's optometrist (Ms. Shana).
Corneal assessment to screen for cataract by MOG's optometrist (Ms. Yoyo) with digital slit lamp.

To conclude this event, we were glad to be able to serve the community once more by enabling an opportunity for the 45 elderlies to have their eyes taken care of with further assistance and support through providing our extended care voucher which the elderlies in need are able to get a complimentary eyewear and a comprehensive eye examination. We hope that through this they will be able to see the world better in their late years.

Utmost gratitude to Rumah Victory for entrusting MOG as the eyecare provider for the elderlies in need.
Team members of the iCare4U initiative consisting (left to right) Ms. Cammi(Brand manager from MOG), Ms. Tricia (MOG's marketing coordinator), Ms. Shana (ZEISS' optometrist), Mr. Loo (Super Intendent from Rumah Victory), Mr. Victor (MOG's optometrist), Mr. Paul (Head of Vision Care), and Mr. Dennis (MOG's optician)

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Rumah Victory for providing us this opportunity to assist the elderlies and help provide them with a better vision for a more comfortable life through our iCare4U initiative.

“Together, we can Help The World See Better. In Eye Care, We Care More.”