Healthy Eyes for the Little Ones this Raya

Visitation to Rumah Keluarga Kami was a heartwarming experience with an enthusiastic and friendly welcome from the children residing there. As Raya is coming soon, we would like to spread greater joy to the little ones by helping them achieve healthier eyes. Event kicked off with an introductory eye health talk by Hannah Ng, Essilor’s Education & Professional Service Manager to better equip the children with important eye care knowledge that they can apply in their day-to-day activities. This is then followed by a complete Eye Health & Vision Screening by MOG’s professional optometrist, Yvonne and Aqmal. Upon the end of screening, children who require glasses are also prescribed with a complimentary pair.

Ms.Hannah (Education & Professional Service Manager) sharing tips with children on how to better care for their eyesight.
Eye power screening by Ms Yvonne (MOG Optometrist) using a autorefractor.

Housing an estimated 38 residences consisting of kids as young as 4 till the teenage age of 17 years, RKK serves as a residential home for underprivileged kids and kids in need of a home to be cared for. To further instil a warm Raya feeling, we have decided to bring the sense of traditionalism and appreciation to our culture through a game of Congkak. To make it more exciting for the young ones, we initiated a friendly match among the children with attractive prizes for the winners. This resulted in two winners which both received a Ray-Ban school bag consisting of stationeries. While the children were entertained, they were also provided with Eye Health Screening concurrently.

Retinal assessment to screen for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and AMD with fundus camera by ZEISS's optometrist (Ms. Shana).
Corneal assessment to screen for cataract by MOG's optometrist (Ms. Yoyo) with digital slit lamp.

The event ended with the kids receiving “Duit Raya” that further drive smiles on their faces. Through this event, we were honoured to be able to help the children see the world better with a much needed newly-prescribed eyewear to maintain their eye health & optimum performance in school as well as an opportunity to share on eye care tips to help them care for their eyes better in their daily lives.

Utmost gratitude to Rumah Victory for entrusting MOG as the eyecare provider for the elderlies in need.
Team members of the iCare4U initiative consisting (left to right) Ms. Cammi(Brand manager from MOG), Ms. Tricia (MOG's marketing coordinator), Ms. Shana (ZEISS' optometrist), Mr. Loo (Super Intendent from Rumah Victory), Mr. Victor (MOG's optometrist), Mr. Paul (Head of Vision Care), and Mr. Dennis (MOG's optician)

With this, MOG is grateful to Nilani, the Home Warden, Rumah Keluarga Kami and our esteemed business partner, Essilor for providing us this opportunity to work together to create a warm and fun experience to the children through healthier eyes. We hope to continue enriching and inspiring more young ones in our community on the importance of eye health through such initiatives in the near future.

“Together, we can Help The World See Better. In Eye Care, We Care More.”