Contact Lens


Colored contact lenses are specially developed contact lenses that allow us to change our eye color. This could be for everyday wear or for special occasions.

Colour contact lenses come in both prescription and Plano according to your needs. If you have myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), or astigmatism, you can buy prescription lenses that change the appearance of your eye color while correcting your vision at the same time. Always remember to speak to an optician or optometrist if you want to get yourself a pair of colored contact lenses to address your myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism.

If you don’t need prescription lenses but still want to benefit from the cosmetic effects of colored contact lenses, Plano (also known as zero power) are specially designed for this purpose, featuring no vision correction.

Types of colored contact lens


Generally speaking, colored contact lenses are designed to mimic the appearance of the iris – the colored part of the eye. The iris is a blend of different colored lines and shapes, so to capture a likeness colored contact lenses are created using dots and lines for a natural look. In the middle of colored lenses is the pupil – this is left clear, allowing wearers to see through it.


Specifically, there are three kinds of tints available:

1. Opaque tinted lenses allow you to alter your eye color by adding a non-transparent tint to the lens, ideal for those with darker eyes

2. Enhancement tinted lenses
 add a solid color to the lens which is still transparent enough to help enhance your natural eye color. These tinted lenses are ideal if you have a pale shade of eye color and wish to make it more vivid.

3. Visibility tinted lenses
 are a common choice for those who do not want to change their eye color but want a faint green or bluish tint that helps the contact stand out during insertion or removal,



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