Overwhelmed by All the Christmas Gift Ideas? Here’s A Few Unique & Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Special Ones! (Or Yourself...)

It’s the warmest season of gifting again and we may already be spoilt with choices. So, why not make this gift a little more special and unique? What’s better than a unique yet practical gift for your loved ones this Christmas?

Here’s what we have in-store for you! Now that we’re resuming outdoor activities and gatherings (while adhering to SOPs), it’s about time to reorganize our wardrobe. So, why not get a fancy, valuable gift that’s practical all year round? Yup, when we say practical, it’s also wallet-friendly. 😉 Ample of choices to suit all kinds of budget and preference.


Here’s why sunglasses would make such a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift!

  1. Essential Eye Protection

Sunglasses are equipped with UVA and UVB protection preventing cataract and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes). Having a reliable pair when you’re outdoor would protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays and glares that inhibit comfortable vision.

P.S. Prolonged squinting can cause wrinkles too! A right pair of sunglasses would very well act as a great anti-aging accessory to protect your eyes.

Outdoor Sunglasses

If your gift recipient is a glasses-wearer, try out sun-changeable lens which allow for light adaptation and optimum eye protection simultaneously. These glasses would be clear indoors and gradually darkens when in contact with UV light which activate the photochromic protective function to give that ultimate protection your recipient would love.

2. A Versatile and Evergreen Accessory

We all want our gift to be valued and appreciated, especially one with staying power and not collecting dust in the drawer or tucked away behind a shelf. Sunglasses is one such gift with a timeless nature. Some are designed to always be in style and just go well for any occasion so it can be worn over and over again. The sheer bliss of gifting is no other than seeing your recipient enjoying it, isn’t it?

One handy tip is to identify their face shape to pick out the best fit for them. Need help? Our optical stylist will always be ready to advise. Just have their photo ready on your phone to show while you shop comfortably.

“A great gift for a fashionista / trend-setter”

Surely, your fashionista friend would never say no to adding another piece of accessory to their wardrobe! It’s a fashion statement and it symbolizes attitude and individual charm. Plus, for the fashion-forward friend, it’s just in their DNA to grow their ‘collection’ every season. Sunglasses will work like a charm! And… it shows that you’ve given remarkable thought into getting him/her the perfect gift.

For Her
For Him

3. An affordable luxury to be on the forefront of style

There’s a price tag to suit every budget. Not having a great financial year? No worries, we’ve got your back. Trendy yet affordable, our sunglasses collection is ready to serve all your style and budget needs. Try our exclusive collection for an extra unique vibe and yup, you wouldn’t get this anywhere else. You’ll score a brownie point right there!


Sunglasses make a great luxury item with a wow factor for anyone that receives it. And, should we say more, the packaging itself would be a boost factor to win the hearts of your recipient. Who doesn’t love a great unboxing experience?

Check out our designer and exclusive eyewear collection in-store this weekend! One final chance to get the perfect gift for your loved ones! You wouldn’t want to miss out.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Stay safe and stay stylish!