Our founder, Dato' Frankie Ng, started his career in eyewear retail business in 1994.


Established in 1996, our Group opened its first retail store at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia in the same year. With the leadership of Dato' Frankie Ng, an executive Director and the chairman of the Board, Dato’ Henry Ng (brother of Dato’ Frankie Ng), an executive Director, and Datin Bernice Low (wife of Dato’ Frankie Ng), an executive Director and the chief executive officer of the Company, our Group expanded its business mainly through establishing retail stores with different brands that serve different optical product needs of the customers.


Our Group is the second largest retailer of optical products in Malaysia in terms of revenue in 2017 offering a wide range of optical products which generally includes lenses, frames, contact lenses and sunglasses which from (i) International Brands, (ii) the Group’s Own Brands and (iii) Manufacturers’ Brands carried by the Group. Our Group’s optical products brands portfolio consisted of more than 220 International Brands and Own Brands. In addition, our Group also offers optical product accessories. Our Group’s retail network, which comprises 84 self-owned, nine franchised and two licensed retail stores located across Central, Southern, Northern and Eastern Peninsular Malaysia. Our Group adopts a multi-brand strategy to cater to different demographics within the eyewear retail market. Our Group had 10 retail brands covering the high-end, mid-end and mass-market segments of the Malaysian eyewear retail market. In addition to the aforementioned 10 retail brands, the Group’s retail brand portfolio also included a retail brand which focuses on the sales of contact lenses.



A head office was set up in Kajang to provide management and operational support to the growing number of retail branches.



No. 1-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan Kajang Indah 1,
Taman Kajang Indah, Sungai Chua, 
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Tel    : 03 - 8739 9178
Fax   : 03 - 8739 8180

Email: careline@mog.com.my


Core Values



We demonstrate extraordinary passion in bringing the best of eye care to our community. For that very reason, we foster a culture of continuous growth for our team & acknowledge them as the heart & soul of the organisation. Our customers, whom we’re honoured to serve, will remain as the driving force of the organisation’s development. Their satisfaction is our yardstick of success.



We celebrate new breakthroughs and view change as a fundamental part of growth and development. We embrace new roles and responsibilities as demand changes and applaud proactivity. We find new challenges to be stimulating and exciting and will remain nimble and flexible to business opportunities and growth. Here, we foster a culture of open communication and equal opportunities for those who aim to reach for the stars.



We respect the contribution of our team members, partners, and stakeholders. We foster a harmonious and cohesive environment that allows for transparency and expression of thoughts and opinions without fear. We embrace a culture of togetherness and equality that promotes the well-being and happiness of all parties.



We take pride in developing each and every one of our people for they are our greatest asset in our journey to success. We provide encouragement and mentoring to help with their personal development and ensure a steady platform for them to perform and progress within the organisation. We fully welcome those with entrepreneurial spirit and promise to help them realise their full potential. Together, we make a great team!



We embrace a positive attitude towards all challenges that come our way. We promote innovative thinking and unparalleled determination and drive to succeed. We appreciate those who continue to strive harder despite difficulties and mistakes. We accept mistakes, but we don’t tolerate pessimism and laziness.



We focus on fostering good relationship with our customers. Therefore, we are always eager to listen to our team members, business partners and customers in order to be at the forefront of the next big or small change - all in an effort to serve our community better, be it our products or our service. We believe consistency is key in building trust and establishing ourselves as a reliable optical service provider.



We promote equal rights to growth and career development. As a performance-based company, we assure that those who showed great performance will be rewarded and promoted accordingly. All efforts and contribution will be well-acknowledged and applauded. The merit of performance stay with you.


Our Vision is TO PROTECT YOUR VISION! We believe everyone deserves to see the best of the world. We aspire to be the one that TRANSFORMS you as a whole, helping you see, feel, and look better! Thus, our main focus lies in providing an exemplary eye care experience through continuous innovation in both product and service. In eye care, we care more.

Our Mission is TO PIONEER EXCEPTIONAL EYE CARE SERVICE TO OUR COMMUNITY. We are dedicated in delivering unparalleled personalised service to our customers. We aim to ensure every customer walks out confidently with enhanced vision & appearance plus a remarkable experience. Thus, we will continue to develop and expand our professional and friendly team with the latest eye care technology to serve one purpose - to match the most optimum vision care tools and service to the needs of our patients.