Want to know what’s missing from your current protection kit? Recent research proved that human eyes are 100x more vulnerable to virus infection. Get that missing piece of protection today at half price!

This is it! Fully equipped with 6 core features made specifically for optimum protection, this 1st in the market fit-over glasses also supports full UV protection and anti-blue light function.

What makes this even more special?

We’ll bring it up a notch by giving back to our front-line delivery heroes to thank them for their tireless contribution throughout this MCO period. Have it ever crossed your mind, that while we stay home comfortably with all our needs delivered to our doorstep, our delivery heroes are risking their safety to sustain a living?

Therefore, we at MOG hereby officiates our 1-For-1 Program to show our gratitude to our front-line delivery heroes by giving them a pair of fit-over glasses with every pair we sold.

Can we invite you to join us in our mission to get our delivery heroes well-protected so that they can return home safely to their families each day?

Click here for more info: https://bit.ly/3dLKiCM

Stay Safe, Spread Kindness!

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